Plexiglass divider for desk

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The flat type of the cough proof protection screen serves as a shield between employees or groups, who cannot sit, stand, or work in appropriate distance due to local circumstances, e.g. in schools or other educational institutions. Please note here the unilaterally longer side, which separates the space between neighbors even beyond the edge of the table.

The flat cough protection is available in two sizes and can used everywhere without additional assembly. This protective barrier reduces the risk of infection (e.g. corona) by functioning as a cough and sneeze guard. Mounting happens within seconds by simply putting together plate and feet. The material acrylic, also known as Perspex, is light, unbreakable and shatterproof.

Our cough monitor is easily cleaned and disinfected by means of a wet cloth. Please avoid using abrasive and corrosive detergents, since they can scratch the surface.

Take responsibility and protect your employees and students from infection with this cough screen.


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    Polymethylmethacrylat (PMMA)
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